Submitting Grades

Saint Mary’s prides itself on maintaining high academic standards and integrity. Learn about Saint Mary’s grading expectations and how to submit your grades below.

Saint Mary’s Grading Guidelines

To ensure academic quality, Saint Mary’s created grading guidelines to help structure your grading process. The Saint Mary’s Student Catalog and Handbook states:

Instructors [should] assign letter grades based on the student’s performance. The grade in a course represents the extent to which the student learning objectives have been demonstrated by the student. Factors other than those in the student learning objectives and/or about which instruction has not been provided as part of the course, may not be considered in the calculation of the grade, unless these are provided by a prerequisite course, or are required for admission to the program. Academic and professional performance issues that are not in the student learning objectives may be communicated to the student through measure other than the course grade.

The Curriculum Committee provides further clarification in their Grading Guidelines Policy.

Grading Scales

Saint Mary’s grading scales differ based on degree level. Below are the graduate and undergraduate grading scales.

Graduate Grading Scale

A 90-100%
B 80-90%
C 70-79%
NC Below 70%

Undergraduate Grading Scale

A 95-100%
AB 90-94%
B 85-89%
BC 80-84%
C 75-79%
CD 70-74%
D 60-69%
F Below 60%

Submitting Course Grades

As your course nears the end, you will need to enter student grades. All grades are submitted electronically in the Faculty Portal. Follow our instructions for entering grades into the Faculty Portal or watch this demo.


You need to post course grades within 14 calendar days of the last scheduled class session. Grades for doctoral level courses need to be posted within 30 calendar days of of the last scheduled class session.

Viewing Grades

Students must complete the course evaluation before they can view their final grade. Here’s how it works:

  1. You enter the final grade in the Faculty Portal by following our instructions.
  2. The course evaluation button will appear on the grade card, transcript, and degree audit pages within the Student Portal.
  3. Your student fills out the course evaluation.
  4. Your student can view their grades in the Student Portal’s grade card, transcript, and degree audit pages.