Our Team

At CELT, we count all faculty and staff who participate in our programs as part of our Center. The people listed here just happen to participate full-time.

​Dr. Adam Potthast is Interim Director of the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching. He taught philosophy for 18 years before coming to Saint Mary’s and has published articles in Futures,Teaching Philosophy, Teaching Ethics, and Ethics in Biology, Engineering, and Medicine. His interests in faculty development center on adapting best practices to instructor strengths, teaching ethics, metacognition, and assessment-as-inquiry. He has also worked on grants with the Council of Independent Colleges, Bringing Theory to Practice, and the Teagle Foundation. He is co-author of Ethics for Dummies (Wiley Press, 2010). It makes a great white elephant gift at office holiday parties. He received both an MA and PhD in Philosophy from the University of Storrs.

Abram (Abe) Hedtke is Director of Instructional Technology.  For the past 16 years Abe has worked in both K-12 and Higher Education. Holding positions as an Instructional Coach, Instructional Technology Coordinator, and Systems Administrator in K-12 public schools. He has also taught Introduction to Psychology, and Multi-Cultural Sociological Perspectives as an adjunct faculty for the University of Minnesota. Being an active member of the twin cities communities, Abe works with community members on anti-racist practices and is an equity advocate. He has received a B.A. in Social Sciences, B.A. in Secondary Education, and a M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction.

Spencer Wanlass has extensive experience as an Instructional Technologist in both in-person and online settings. Prior to Saint Mary’s, Spencer supported a team of Instructional Technologists through multiple LMS transitions, most recently converting from D2L Brightspace to Canvas. Throughout Spencer’s career, she has been involved with thousands of individual course migrations while managing multiple teams and task forces to accomplish instructional needs and learning initiatives.

Matt Isaia serves as an Instructional Technologist on the Twin Cities campus. Prior to Saint Mary’s, Matt has held leadership roles in small and large corporations and academia. His background starts with a BA in English from DePaul University in 2008. In 2017 Matt earned his Master’s degree in Library and Information Services (MLIS) from Dominican University. Matt is passionate about knowledge management, data analysis, educational technology, and teaching information literacy and research skills.

Faculty Development Committee

The faculty development committee serves as advisors and facilitators for our CELT programs. This 7 person committee meets twice a month, and it includes representatives from the library, writing center, and each academic school and degree level.

CELT Faculty Advisory Committee

This committee consists of 6-7 adjunct faculty, who actively teach in Saint Mary’s programs. Committee members meet twice a year, providing input and guidance to ensure that the faculty development (CELT) programs meet the needs of Saint Mary’s adjunct faculty. The membership rotates every 2 years. Contact us if you’re interested in serving on this committee.


Alisa DiSalvo
Accounting Program – Adjunct Assistant Professor

Bill Handschin
Counseling and Psychological Services Program – Adjunct Associate Professor

Carmen Avendano
Marriage & Family Therapy Program – Adjunct Assistant Professor

Kevin Hanson
GIS Program – Adjunct Instructor

Nick Ruiz
Counseling and Psychological Services Program – Adjunct Program Professor