Ordering Textbooks

Make your textbook available to your students by placing an order with the bookstore.


Once you select your textbook, you will need to place an order with the Saint Mary’s Barnes and Noble Bookstore. Textbooks need to be ordered approximately 3 months before the course begins, so they are available for your students to purchase. Your program staff member will contact you at the appropriate time to request your textbook titles. If you are using a coursepack, begin working with the Bookstore several months in advance to ensure that it is ready for your upcoming course.

Required and Supplemental Articles

If you plan to require your students to read articles, you will need to create a coursepack. Work with the bookstore several months in advance to ensure it is ready for your upcoming course.

If you have a list of recommended but not required articles for your students, you can direct your students to find the articles in Twin Cities Library. Please verify that the library has access to the articles in advance of your course by searching the title in SuperSearch. If the articles are not available through the library, you can make an optional coursepack available to students for purchase.

Amazon.com and Other Vendors

Saint Mary’s has an exclusive contract with Barnes and Noble, so faculty cannot recommend that students purchase textbooks from Amazon.com or other vendors.