Twin Cities Faculty FAQs

Find quick answers to frequently asked questions regarding cancelling class, grading, teaching, using technology, and selecting textbooks.

Cancelling Class



Selecting Textbooks

Cancelling Class

How do I cancel class?

Contact your program director immediately if you need to cancel class. All canceled classes need to be rescheduled and cannot be replaced with an online session.

What happens during severe weather?

Check the Saint Mary’s Newsroom to find out if university administrators have cancelled class.

Who do I contact during emergencies on-campus?

Call 911 for medical emergencies or criminal activities first. For lesser emergencies, you can contact Campus Safety. Read the emergency guide for details.

Who do I contact when something is wrong with my classroom?

Contact the evening administrator when you need something for your classroom. Their name and contact information is listed on the room schedule, which is located in the entryway of each Saint Mary’s building.


How do I grade assignments?

All grades are submitted electronically in the Faculty Portal. Learn more about how to grade your course.

How do I create rubrics?

Use CELT’s exemplary rubrics, syllabi, and more as models, and create your own.


Where is my contract (a.k.a. course assignment letter)?

Saint Mary’s contacts are called “Letters of Course Assignment,” which you need to sign before your course begins. Follow the instructions for accepting course assignments.

How do I teach my course?

Learn how to teach your course from the experts. Get advice on facilitating the first day, explaining assignments, cultivating community, and much more.

How do I find my classroom?

Find your classroom by browsing the room schedule, which is posted in the entryway of each Saint Mary’s building. Otherwise, you can follow our instructions for finding your classroom in the Faculty Portal.

Is there a syllabus template?

Yes. You can use Saint Mary’s standard syllabus guidelines as a template for your syllabus.

When does the semester start and end?

Semester start and end dates are listed on the academic calendar.

How do I take attendance?

A few days before your course begins, you will receive an email prompting you to submit the attendance record for the first session. Faculty, who are teaching a face-to-face course, are required to take attendance for the first three class meetings. Follow our instructions for how to take attendance.

What is the Student Rating of Learning and Teaching Survey?

The Student Rating of Teaching and Learning (STRL) Survey is completed by students at the end of the course. As the instructor, you will need to fulfill the Faculty Responsibilities for the Student Rating of Teaching and Learning (SRTL) Survey. Read the Qualtrics Guide to learn how to manage the STRL Survey.

How do I apply for a promotion in rank?

The faculty promotion process for all faculty (Core and Course Contracted) is based on the promotion criteria described in the SGPP Faculty Handbook. To apply for promotion follow the faculty promotion process.

Selecting Textbooks

How do I find textbooks?

We recommend that you design your course before selecting textbooks. Once you have designed your course, you will be ready to choose a textbook that will support your assignments.

How do I order textbooks and coursepacks from the bookstore?

Your program director or program staff will contact you weeks in advance of your course’s start date, providing you with guidelines for submitting your textbook order. Contact the bookstore at least 4 months in advance of your course if you plan to create a coursepack.

Can I recommend that students buy textbooks from

Due to Saint Mary’s exclusive contract with Barnes and Noble, you cannot recommend that students purchase textbooks from Amazon or other vendors.