The Instructional Technology team has curated an opportunity that provides ideas and tools to enhance student learning. We invite you to see yourself reIMAGINE Learner Engagement. This resource includes exemplars in both content and structure gathered from across the University. reIMAGINE means to inspire instructors to continually update their courses-for the optimal student learning. Student learning is evolving, and presenting content needs to be evolving as well. Check out the short video below to hear what it means to reIMAGINE Learner Engagement!

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The reIMAGINE resource is specifically designed for instructors with various needs and skills (modules intended to meet each faculty where they are at: introductory, intermediate, and advanced). The modules page hosts the majority of the content and is the place to begin exploring. In each module, there is a page with a description of what type of skills are needed in order to implement ideas from the module. This will help lift some anxiety about applying new ideas to a course. The Instructional Technology team is ready to assist any instructor wanting to make changes to their content. The team will assist with planning, developing, and testing new content ideas. In addition to implementing your vision, the Instructional Technology team can help with brainstorming and offer insights into new content for your course. When you’re there be sure to check out:

  • Asynchronous training – these are self-paced, interactive training sessions intended to help increase your proficiency in various areas of course design.
  • Recommended Tools and Strategies – here is a curation of ideas utilizing best practices in education and the core suite of instructional tools at your disposal. 
  • Alternative Discussion Ideas – 12 innovative discussion ideas to help engage your learners at a whole new level. 
  • Exemplars from peers – A handful of modules from across the university highlighting innovative ways to engage learners at any stage in learning.  

reIMAGINE is a host for training and resources outside of content creation. Extra blue links have been added to create a seamless guide. The Panopto videos of the Weekly Tech Tips from Saint Mary’s Today are stored in reIMAGINE. As a new tip is sent out, the video from the tip is added to the reIMAGINE. All of the videos are stored in one place making it easier to search out a past tip. A “Resource” blue link has been added to the navigation bar. Here is where the citation for the course content used in the module resides. There are buttons inside the resource page that link out to the CELT/ Canvas Training Recordings. The training from beginner Canvas to Deep Dive Canvas is readily available. The other button links out to the Canvas Resource Course. The resource course holds review materials on how to use canvas, create modules and pages, use the grade book, add a rubric, etc.    

The Minneapolis and Winona campuses have physical spaces for reIMAGINING innovation as well. On the Minneapolis campus in LaSalle Hall 50, and in Winona, Saint Mary’s Hall 125. These spaces are used for many activities. For one, testing potential software either on your own or with an Instructional Technologist. Here, testing can be done to find the pros and cons, and how useful it can be for a course and/or program. Both campuses have recording spaces, as well as light board to take your content to the next level. Another purpose to the Innovation Rooms will be to meet with Instructional Technologists. These meetings can also be in place of a zoom meeting. The members of the team are each equipped to assist instructors with their courses.

Start your journey to reIMAGINE Learner Engagement!

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