CELT is hosting a summer teaching book club on Harriet Schwartz’s book Connected Teaching, starting at 12pm on Wednesday, June 23rd and meeting every two weeks through the rest of the summer. We will meet on Zoom.

In this (virtual) book club, we will meet to discuss Dr. Harriet Schwartz’s book Connected Teaching. Echoing the Lasallian tradition, this book explores teaching as a relational practice – a practice wherein connection and disconnection with students, power, identity, and emotion shape the teaching and learning endeavor. The author describes moments of energetic deep learning and what makes these powerful moments happen. She calls on readers to be open to and seek relationship, understand their own socio-cultural identity (and how this shapes internal experience and the ways in which they are met in the world), and vigilantly explore and recognize emotion in the teaching endeavor.

The book club sessions will be co-facilitated by Dr. Tracy Lysne and Dr. Adam Potthast. We’d love for you to join us for the conversation about this book that explores the connection between teaching and relationships which is central to Lasallian pedagogy both online and face-to-face. A few of the interesting topics will be:

  • Connected teaching when there isn’t enough time
  • Assessment as a relational practice
  • Setting appropriate boundaries with learners
  • Power and relationships in the classroom

In the past, we’d had to limit participation in the summer book club due to the cost of providing a book to everyone. But this year the library has a license for as many electronic copies as we need, so anyone who wants to can participate!

Here is a link to the book, and see the dates below. If you can come, please RVSP here, where you can also find the first Zoom meeting link.

Book Club Topic Date
Introduction to Relational Cultural Theory
Chapters 1 and 2
June 23, 12pm-1pm (Zoom)
Boundaries and Teaching Relationships

Chapter 3

Dealing with Disruption and Resistance in the Learning Space
Chapter 5

July 7, 12pm-1pm (Zoom)
Relationships and Assessment
Chapter 4
July 21, 12pm-1pm (Zoom)
Power and Position (Exploring Educator Identity)
Chapter 6Emotion and Teaching
Chapter 7
August 4, 12pm-1pm (Zoom)
Disappointment and Failure (When Teaching Breaks Your Heart)
Chapter 8Intellectual Mattering and Conclusion
Chapter 9
August 18, 12pm-1pm (Zoom)