If you were not able to attend the Fall Faculty Conference on September 12, or if you did attend and wanted to review the recording, it is now available here on the CELT website. You can find it by clicking into this post or on the recordings section of our site.

The recording is 4 hours, but it is a Panopto recording, so you can watch it at any speed. And the slides are displayed in addition to the people speaking. You can also see many of the references from the Zoom chat during the conference by clicking on “Notes” in the lower left-hand corner.

Here is a breakdown if you are looking for something specific:

  • [00:00] Conference Welcome and Information
  • [10:20] Beginning of Workshop on Failure and Learning
  • [1:50:30] Question and Answer on Failure and Learning Workshop
  • [2:19:19] Beginning of Resilient Pedagogy Workshop
  • [3:16:00] Question and Answer on Resilient Pedagogy
  • [3:35:00] Presentation of Brother Julius Winkler Award
  • [3:48:00] Mini-Session on Top 5 Teaching Tips from Recent Pedagogical Research