Need flexible assignments that help students to demonstrate learning?  A podcast assignment might be worth exploring.  Podcasts are a very popular tool for storytelling.  They are easy to consume and it does not take much to get started with creating them.
Like with most academic papers and presentations, students should start by creating an outline.

  • Introduction of themselves and the topic
  • Points they want to discuss about the topic
  • Main takeaways or conclusion

Recordings can be created with mobile phones and edited with Audacity or GarageBand (both are free).

Utilizing royalty free music and sound effects can also include a short lesson on intellectual capital.

The final products can be uploaded to a class Google Drive folder for gathering and sharing.  Posting the shared folder URL to the LMS course site will streamline access for everyone.

Podcasting for Educators Resource Links:

“microphone” by Ben McLeod is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0