Saint Marys’ mission states that we prepare students for lives of ethical service and leadership, and in the Leadership PLC the last few semesters, Dr. Scott Sorvaag has been guiding us in thinking about how we use and interpret leadership in higher education. (One of his continual reminders is that leadership is a form of energy — hence the picture for this post.) As part of our PLC, we reviewed some offerings by the International Leadership Association, including this list of Leadership Activities one can include in virtually any class.

And at this point in the semester, you might just be looking for something exciting to throw into a lesson here or there. So take a look. Here are just two examples:

  • Students work in groups and each locate a leader within a certain leadership theory and write a group paper over the leader(s), the theory, and how the leaders led through that theory.
  • Students get 100 votes to assign to various options to addressing a topic (say, what the university can do to improve the experience of first year students). They get to assign those votes to the options as they see fit. Do it once with individuals and once with perfectly transparent voting.


Ashcott : Ashcott Farm Solar Panel“Ashcott : Ashcott Farm Solar Panel” by Lewis Clarke is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0