Educational Technology at Saint Mary’s

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Technology supported teaching and learning is a modern day expectation.  The ability to support the delivery, engagement, and assessment of learning requires technology to reach all learners, at all levels.  Technology implementation at Saint Mary’s is supported with a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) mindset.
Active learning classrooms and bring your own device (BYOD) capabilities help to engage the on campus experience.  Zoom web conferencing and other third-party tools help to engage the virtual campus learning experience.  The core technology systems include the Learning Management System (migrating Canvas during the 2020 academic year), Lecture Capture / Video Content Management System (Panopto), and Google Apps for Education.   Each system is cloud hosted to support maximum performance with availability and most recent operating version available.

Using Technology Intentionally

Watch the “Technology with Intent” presentations on our Recordings of Events, which will guide you in how to choose technologies that will enhance your students’ learning. Learn more with the Tools That Enhance Attention, Tools That Enhance Memory, and Tools That Enhance Thinking tutorials.