Thank you to those who were able to attend the live Canvas trainings last Wednesday and Friday. For the rest of you, we now have the recordings of those events available in Panopto. You can always find them on the recordings section of the CELT site, or you can bookmark this post itself.

Each video is three hours long, but Instructure is going to be sending us professionally edited versions soon. We know that many of you want the recordings, ASAP, though, so they supplied these as well.

Part One: Introduction, Communications, Assignments

  • Session 1, 9-10: Welcome to Canvas
    • Introduction to the Canvas Dashboard: Course Cards, To Do Lists, and Starrint Courses
    • Setting Up Your Account: Notification Preferences and Settings
    • How to Get Help: Contacting Support
    • Customizing your Course Layout: Course Cards, Home Page Options
  • Session 2, 10-11: Communication on Canvas
    • Using the Calendar: Calendar views, Adding Events, Adding Assignments, Using the Scheduler
    • Introduction to Canvas Inbox: Communicating with Students, Sending Messages, and Submission Comments
    • Notification Settings
    • Using Announcements: Communicating with Students, Delaying Posting
  • Session 3, 11-12: Creating Assignments
    • Assignment Groups vs. Assignment Modules
    • Assignment Settings: Google Cloud Assignments, Rubrics
    • Assignment Groups: Changing Due Dates, Weighting Grades, Direct Share/Senting

Part Two: Quizzes/Test Creation, Gradebook and Speedgrader, Modules

  • Session 4, 9-10: Creating Quizzes
    • Quiz Basics: The Quiz Engine, Quiz Types, Quiz Settings (Multiple Attempts, Timing, Restrictions, etc.)
    • Question Building: Auto-graded questions, Teacher Intervention and Essay Questions, Stimulus Questions, Question Feedback
  • Session 5, 10-11: Grading in Canvas
    • Submitting Work: How to use Student View and Submit a “test submission”
    • Introduction to Grading: How to use the Gradebook, How to use Speedgrader, Annotation Options, Comments, and Mobile Grading
  • Session 6, 11-12: Bringing Everything Together
    • Introduction to Modules: Why Modules?, Course Organization, Re-ordering Content, and Courseflow
    • Adding Content to Modules: Using Existing Content, Content Types, Creating Content in Modules
    • Organizing Modules: Text Headers and Symbols, and Indentation
    • Controlling Access to Content: Locking Modules/Content, Pre-requisites, and Requirements
    • Structuring Content Delivery: How to Link to Modules on the Homepage or Syllabus