Author: Holly Tapper

As Saint Mary’s University has now moved to a remote teaching strategy during the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be wondering whether we’re still planning to migrate to a single LMS (learning management system) anytime this year. The answer is yes!

The task force has been closely analyzing the proposed LMS solutions and hopes to reach a final recommendation in the next few weeks.

We have identified our top contenders and requested more input from these companies on cost, course migration assistance, accessibility, mobile capabilities, and additional features. We are actively negotiating to obtain the best pricing, migration timeline, and support from each vendor. And we have been meeting with universities who have already completed similar migrations to learn from their experiences.

As we continue to gather final decision-making data and compare results to our original criteria and rubrics, please know that we are focusing on the best interests for our university as we move forward into an expanded online learning environment consistent with our strategic plan. Our recommendations will be reviewed by Saint Mary’s leadership for approval with a continued goal of migrating courses in the fall 2020 semester.

For more information, send questions/comments to the LMS team at