The Learning Management System (LMS) Task Force has finalized its proposed migration schedule for all university programs from Blackboard and Engage to Canvas. Meetings with program directors who manage the first set of program courses selected for migration in August will occur this week. “Migration” is the initial process of copying a course from Blackboard or Engage and importing it into Canvas.

The task force is recommending that all university courses also remain in Blackboard for the fall semester so they can be taught out of Blackboard concurrent with the Canvas migration process. If an SGPP program director or a College chair would like to teach their entire program or major in Canvas beginning with the fall semester, they should contact Holly Tapper, director of online operations, at Preparations for an early migration, faculty training, and student communication and orientation will be necessary.

To enable an efficient and effective course migration process, we have contracted with the K-16 Scaffolding Migration service. This service is able to migrate a select number of courses each semester, therefore, we are prioritizing programs with high levels of course content already built in Blackboard and those with full-time faculty. After this migration occurs, courses will still need to be edited and enhanced. Staff will assist faculty in course clean-up and in migrating any content outside the K-16 process.

Here is an overview of the entire migration schedule, with a more detailed, year-long spreadsheet located on the LMS website (see the “Proposed SGPP/Winona Blackboard-to-Canvas Migration ’20-’21” document linked on the front page).

  1. Summer migration to Canvas for fall 2020 readiness, with a default to teach in Blackboard:
    • SGPP program courses: AC, BI, BS Core, BU, CJ, CRT, DBA, DIGA, EDD, EDMA, EDS, HR, IT, MAIS, MK, PYD.
    • Fully online courses at the College, plus courses for the Catholic Sisters program. Catholic Sisters courses will be taught in Canvas, in Spanish.
  2. Fall migration to Canvas for spring 2021 readiness, with a default for SGPP to teach in Canvas and the College to teach in Blackboard:
    • MSA, MBA, HRM, GM, OL, PRM, MAEL, EDRD blended, MASE, Addiction Studies, Counseling & Psych, HHSA, MFT, Nurse Anesthesia, MPH.
  3. Spring migration to Canvas for summer 2021 offering in Canvas; Blackboard will be unavailable after June 1, 2021:
    • All remaining College courses will be migrated.
  4. Engage-to-Canvas migrations will begin in fall for spring 2021 offerings taught in Canvas. These migrations are scheduled by our Wiley partners:
    • Courses are migrated by student pathway rather than by program, so new students will use Canvas while existing students will use Engage. See the complete Engage migration schedule.

Further conversations will occur with university deans, program directors, and chairs as we progress through this proposed migration schedule. Please continue to visit the CELT website for ongoing updates related to online instructor training and upcoming Canvas courses. We look forward to enhancing our learning experience and bringing new technology to our students.