Link to slide presentation from CardinalFlex discussion.

Note that this post related primarily to the Undergraduate College in Winona. For more information about plans for the SGPP, check out more about Our Plan for Fall 2020.

It’s not fall yet, but we want to make sure you have all of the resources you need to be prepared for a potentially very strange fall semester. At CELT, the part of that package we think we can help with is thinking through a face-to-face course that might involve some students attending remotely, students completing assignments remotely, minimizing large groups, and planning for scenarios where in-person meetings are no longer possible.

With that in mind, we’re inviting you to discuss a flexible, hybrid model (HyFlex) of instruction called “CardinalFlex” at a session later this week. In that session, we will outline the conditions which are pushing us to adopt this model, the pedagogical changes we need to make to respond to those conditions, and some basic ways to implement those changes. After that, we are expecting to bring our collective energies together to modify things so that it actually works and you’re ready to ensure students have the best experiences they can in your courses.

Our first discussion will be this week on Friday, July 10th. If you can’t make that, we will also have another session next week on Monday the 13th and Wednesday the 15th. After that, we will host workshops throughout the second part of July for those who want to work together to create courses and iron out further details. (If you don’t know where your iron is because you’ve only had to be seen from the waist up for the last four months, that’s fine.)